“I am Troy Davis. And I am free.”

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*pic: Sept.21,2011: Students at UC Santa Cruz hold a candle light vigil for Troy Davis.In solidarity with UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara .

These are the last two lines in the funeral program of Troy Anthony Davis…

As this week marks the one week anniversary of Troy Davis’ death,– executed in the state of Georgia for the charge of murdering Police Officer Mark MacPhail— the weight of the case still burdens the minds, hearts, and souls of many people across the nation. Despite the millions of people that plead for his innocence, protesting, rallying, and speaking out against the possible execution of Davis, the final decision was made on September 21, 2011…Davis was pronounced dead at 11:08 p.m. ET by execution.

As I write this I struggle to come to terms with the fact that “beyond all reasonable doubt” is no longer a necessary criteria for the execution and taking of another human life. It seems to be that the very system that first intended to protect the people is now the one inflicting the most pain. This must be the case, otherwise why would a man void of physical evidence of his crime, void of an adequate/credible amount of eye witnesses, and void of the opportunity to take a polygraph test amongst other things be executed?

Many like myself struggle to understand but at the same time shiver in the knowingness of an incident such as this being in no way isolated. Tragedies like this happen far too often and are many times shrugged off as being of no importance or of no relation to our current realities. When in fact it is just that, our reality, the lives of a countless number of people, more specifically people of color, and particularly black males across the nation continuously suffer from injustice.

It is easy to feel a sense of hopelessness, but we must continue in our fight for justice…we owe it to those that came before us. We owe it to our ancestors and those that dared to stand for that which they knew to be just , that which they saw to be an inalienable right, and that which they believed in…even if they stood alone. They stood.

So we must do the same. As Davis blessed the souls of the prison gaurds that administered his execution we must remind ourselves that although it is okay to be angry (we have the right to be angry), we must not operate soley out of that anger. In order for there to be true change in this world it must come from a place of love and progression because no human being deserves the type of injustice Troy Davis received. None.

Coverage of Troy Davis Funeral: http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/01/justice/troy-davis-funeral/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

One week later, how is everyone feeling? Leave a response.



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