New [Action Resolution] Added to 11′-12′ USSA Campaign Year

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This “AR”  goes by the name of Caring Across Generations! Here’s what the resolution looks like:

Campaign Overview

2011 is the first year of the “age wave;” every eight seconds, an American will turn 65. In the coming years, more and more of our loved ones will need care, just as more workers will need quality jobs.  At a time when new solutions to ongoing crises in care, jobs and immigration are desperately needed, people from all walks of life are joining together in a new movement for change.

Caring Across Generations is a campaign to transform long-term care in the United States for our loved ones who count on the support of caregivers to meet their basic daily needs, the workers who provide the support, and the families who struggle to find and afford quality care for their family members.

The Caring Across Generations campaign works to protect the policies that support our loved ones to live with dignity, and to create the policies that will allow us to be a nation that takes care of one another across generations. There are five policy elements, the “Five Fingers of the Caring Hand,” that help address the many dimensions of the care crisis and create the support system we need:

  • Care Jobs: The creation of 3 million jobs in direct care over 5 years,
  • Training and Career Ladders: The establishment of a career ladder to train and certify domestic workers and other workers as direct care workers,
  • Pathway to Citizenship: The creation of a new visa category to provide a path to legalization and citizenship for domestic workers to enter the career ladder, receive training and become certified as direct care workers,
  • Job Quality and Path to Unionization: The establishment of labor standards for direct care and domestic workers, and the elimination of existing exclusions in the labor law to ensure the jobs created are quality jobs.
  • Support for Families and Individuals: A tax credit for families paying for the cost of direct care for their loved ones.

One of the key tasks of the Care Councils will be to organize “Care Congresses,” local town hall-like events bringing together hundreds of community members. Care Congresses will take place in at least 15 cities over the course of the next 12 months.

-Albuquerque              -Washington, D.C.      -New York

-Atlanta                       -Denver                       -Philadelphia

-Baltimore                   -Houston                     -Portland

-Boston                       -Las Vegas                   -Richmond

-Chicago                      -Los Angeles               -San Antonio

-Dallas                         -Miami                        -San Francisco

-Dayton                      -Milwaukee                 -Seattle

Whereas: Unemployment amongst youth aged 16-24 remains at 19.1% nationwide while underemployment for ages 18 to 29 still remains at 28.4% as of July 2010; and

Whereas: Student debt is now $830 billion surpassing credit card debt for the first time in US history, which is at $827 billion as of 2010, and on average college tuition rates increase about 8% a year nationally, meaning that the cost of college doubles every 9 years, which creates a need for good jobs to be created; and

Whereas: a pathway towards citizenship is something we have worked on in the past, through our support of the DREAM Act,  due to the large undocumented student population that is part of the constituency that USSA represents; and

Whereas: USSA, as a student-lead organization, advocates for accessibility and equality in higher education and adequate professional job training regardless of socio-economic background and identity; and

Whereas: A tax credit for families paying for the cost of direct care for their loved ones would relieve a financial burden on working-class families and individuals, particularly students; and

Whereas: this campaign allows students and youth to have a voice in re-shaping the care industry, as it relates to our families and friends, through a collaborative community effort to bring generations together; and

Whereas: we stand in solidarity with our coalition partners like Jobs with Justice to create safe and fair jobs for everyone, including students entering the workforce, to better not only our economy but also our lives; and therefore

Be it resolved: that USSA formally endorse the Caring Across Generations campaign; and


Be it resolved: that the Board encourages Student Governments, affiliated Student Groups and Unions to actively participate in CARE Councils.

*Please contact me for more information =)




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