Hello Hello Hellooo Beautiful People of Color!!!!

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It’s been a while since we have all seen/talked to one another and have been in the beautiful space we call NPCSC!!!  I greatly apologize for taking a while to contact you all. Right after the amazing USSA Congress I left for vacation in Hawaii with close friends then had a few conferences and training weekends to attend thereafter all in preparation for this coming Fall (I’m actually in the middle of a training/retreat weekend right now, taking a break to email you all =P..). So again I apologize. How is everybody doing? Well I hope =)

So before we delve into the busy schedules that are our lives as student organizers I would like to invite you all into what I have brainstormed as being a way to maintain relations with not only NPCSC as a whole but a means of maintaining relations with all the affiliate spaces as well. So here are some ideas for communication/updating/etc. It’s quite a bit of information so pace yourselves but please read through it carefully.
  • Email: So as NPCSC chair I work for you all and I am to be held accountable to you all. So email will serve me the function of reporting to you all updates from our board meetings or updates on where we are with the different AA’s and AR’s as board. Email will also be a great way to contact me to ask any questions or to just say what’s up! I want to be as available as possible. Here’s the email to reach me:


  • Blog: So the NPCSC blog is something that will carry over from the previous USSA year because I think it is important to maintain some sense of continuity. How the blog will work is I will update it periodically with articles/videos/tweets/etc. that affect us as either Students of Color, students in general, or just members of the human race. Then, this is where it gets cool (i think =P..), in order for us to create a sense of it being a National student body within the NPCSC space I thought it would be great if we could utilize the ohh so popular Facebook and Twitter as a means of getting input from USSA student members from across the US. So here’s what this would look like:

-Lets say I am friends with Phineas Flynn on Facebook (Fun Fact: I still watch cartoons and love “Phineas & Ferb”!) and Phineas is a politically/ socially conscious student who frequently posts things on facebook that relate to our current situations as students or differing injusticees we see happening around the world (posts similar to the ones we all often put up, right?!).
– So I would then hit up Phineas via facebook chat or a message and say “hey that was a really cool post you put up the other day about the:

“Second part of the CA #DreamAct AB 131 being out of Suspense on a 6-3 vote!
And will now head to the Senate floor!”  
So would it be okay for me to re-post that on the NPCSC blog or retweet it on the NPCSC twitter so that everyone can see it and be updated/informed? And don’t worry Phineas I will be sure to give you full credit for the post and even include your school! i.e. Phineas from Walt Disney Academy says:….”

And it would be as simple as that! This way we all kind of have a shared governance aspect to the blog/twitter. OR if there is something you know you want to send directly to NPCSC to be on the blog, just shoot me an email (ussa.npcsc@gmail.com) with all the info/the link and I’ll get it up for ya! How does that sound for everyone? If this makes no sense whatsoever to you, hit me up for explanations. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Here’s the info:

Blog: https://ussanpcsc.wordpress.com/

Twitter: USSA_NPCSC at twitter

Last but certainly not least do not forget to add NPCSC on facebook!!!!
Search: USSA National People of Color Student Coalition
It’s one thing to be a student but its another thing all together to be a student organizer. It takes strength, persistence, courage, and above all else LOVE.

I believe in each and every single one of you. Lets move forward together to make some change!

Con Amor,




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