No More Homework rule…thanks LAUSD…for what?

Posted on June 27, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Okay so if you ask me, they should have cancelled something else. i don’t think homework hurts us, that is what we do at home…not preparing us and then giving us stupid standardized testing that we score low on, or making it mandatory to get into any college or school, or not providing all of the GE requirements because the school doesn’t have enough money? or getting better text books that really get all of the history right and doesn’t exclude people of color. Yeah those could have been some things I would have like to seen first. home work helps, unless the teacher doesn’t care and gives us crappy homework.

Budget cuts dont get better because we don’t do homework in high school now. I went to Birmingham High School in LAUSD, ran track, did theater, won vice president, and everything…I am disappointed in this decision. This is my intial reaction to it.

Critics — mostly teachers — worry that the policy will encourage students to slack off assigned work and even reward those who already disregard assignments. And they say it could penalize hardworking students who receive higher marks for effort.

Some educators also object to a one-size-fits-all mandate they said could hamstring teaching or homogenize it. They say, too, that students who do their homework perform significantly better than those who don’t — a view supported by research

Los Angeles Time’s ARTICLE


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