What are we waiting for?

Posted on June 17, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Things are bad all around. In my state there will be a $150 million cut to both the UC and California State University systems. And that means next year my peers will be facing a fee increase that is double digets. I know how upset I am, and I know from talking to you all that this doesn’t make you happy either. But I wonder what it will take for us to take serious action and faith in the power of our voice. We can’t say we have done all that we know we can do, that time is coming really soon. Things are not going to turn around without us and we cannot expect anyone to speak for us or protect our education, that is what we are positioned to do. It might not take a capital take over, it might not mean spending alot of money (which we never have anyway) but it does mean we have to come together to talk about what can be done.

I know we need a few things, we need love, we need to sacrifice, and we need to be serious. I honestly don’t believe it takes thousands of us…yet…I think if we come together and create an agenda for the year nothing but ourselves can get it the way.

I am really hyped right now, and I know school is out for some of us…all that means is that we can focus on the Student agenda, the plan, the project for the year. We have too many resources at our finger tips and too many children depending on us to do something. I am ready for this challenge and look forward to working with everyone committed to change.

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