National Week of Action for Higher Education!

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           April 11th to the 14th was a USSA National week of action for Higher Education. Myself and some other student leaders chose it back in February. This time was significant to organize a week of action because the Nation’s budget for 2010-2011 was due April 8th. Of course we know that our complicated Congressed has passed fiscal year 2011 Continuing Resolution HR 1473. So the budget for this past year is going to the President’s desk so that he can sign it. But students are still angry at Congress’s divestment in education. So we held a week of action across the nation.

           So at my campus we were taking pictures, in the quarry, of students with messages that we were going to send to Congress via fax machines. Students were writing all kinds of messages on white boards and posters, my favorite said “They cut money to education, so we will waste the ink in their fax machines.” Monday we were calling our representatives to tell them to vote no on HR 1473, which eliminates the year-round Pell Grant starting with 2011-2012. The pell grant is a vital source of financial aid to thousands of students in this country. Doing away with the Pell Grant will kick many students out of school.

Tuesday we did a fax in with all of the pictures, we actually got over a hundred students to take pictures with us. And then we started faxing them to Washington DC. Wednesday was a Teach-in, that I couldn’t make it to and Thursday was a huge concert in front of Los Angeles City Hall. UC Santa Cruz went 11 students deep to downtown Los Angeles in solidarity with other UC students to rally and dance against the budget cuts. We had a lot of fun! The weather was nice, the artist all knew enough to support us and stand in solidarity against the cuts to higher education. We signed petitions for Governor Brown and made phone calls to Sacramento. The best thing about it was doing it together with other student leaders.

This is why I missed class, because I was at the action in Los Angeles all day. I am the only officer from the campus student government that was able to travel, I organized the students to go and drove to and from LA in the same day. The student organizers from UCLA worked super hard at outreaching and putting this together and overall I thought it was a really good event. It was a great asset to our week of action. I am looking forward to whatever is next.

I hope you are having a great weekend!



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