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Where’s the Funding?!

USSA’s campaign to make education a right through agitation, education, advocacy, and organizing!

Each year, students have to fight tooth-and-nail on both the state and federal level to have governments invest in higher education.  While politically popular to advocate for college students in speeches or on campaign stops, most politicians are silent when it comes to education budgets getting slashed during tough economic times.  Therefore, it’s up to us, the students, to ask our elected officials “where’s the funding?!”  At a time when governments are bailing out massive banks and investing huge sums overseas, where’s the funding for an affordable and accessible college education?

Not only are we asking these questions, we’re proposing solutions.  USSA’s “Where’s the Funding” campaign connects state and federal budget cuts to the larger student movement, so that all our efforts provide a national voice on behalf of higher education investments.  Our ultimate goal is to propose a piece of federal legislation that will make education a right for all.

WTF Campaign Goals:

  • Mandatory funding of the Pell Grant program
    • The Pell Grant is the cornerstone of federal financial aid.  Each year, millions of low-income students are awarded thousands of dollars from the federal government to continue their college education without having to take out huge loans that drive young people into debt.  Despite it’s political popularity, the Pell Grant program suffers from funding shortfalls almost every fiscal year.  In fact, the purchasing power of the grant has fallen over 100% in the past 30 years!  This instability is dangerous for needy students who deserve a dependable and effective financial aid program.  The 112th Congress is proposing massive cuts to the Pell Grant, which, matched with state budget cuts and tuition and fee hikes, would throw many students out of the classroom and into unemployment.  Therefore, we need to make the Pell Grant a mandatory spending program!
  • Protecting financial aid programs

    • While the Pell Grant is an essential program, it isn’t the only one.  From getting young people from disadvantaged communities into college to retention programs to work study, there are numerous other programs that are being targeted for reduction or elimination by the current Congress.  President Obama is beginning the fiscal year 2011 budget process on February 14 when he releases his proposed budget.  From that moment on, we need to fight for the programs that ensure access and affordability for all students who wish to pursue a college degree!
  • Make education a right!
    • The WTF campaign’s ultimate goal is to have students propose a piece of federal legislation that makes education a right for all.  Too often civic organizations like USSA are reactionary to public policy.  We support a piece of legislation and are forced to settle for what is politically realistic, rather than fight for what we believe is right.  That practice ends with this campaign. Join the dialogue to help form this legislation and be a part of a truly historic endeavor!
      • What would you like to see in a federal law that aims to make education a right?  Tell us! After all, this isyour law.

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