Im up making calls and leaving messages…what about you?

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After over 10 years of organizing and advocating for the DREAM Act, a vote is happening TOMORROW in the House of Representatives!  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has filed a cloture motion for the bill, meaning that if the House passes it tomorrow, a vote in the Senate will likely occur this week as well.

The political climate on Capitol Hill is as partisan as ever, which means the vote will be razor thin and every phone call, every letter, and ever office visit counts!  Together, we must all work to open the college doors for thousands of hardworking immigrant youth.

Beyond providing undocumented students with the tools to achieve the American dream, the DREAM Act strengthens the U.S. economy.  The Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation recently concluded that the DREAM Act would cut the deficit by $1.4 billion and add an additional $2.3 billion in revenues to the U.S. economy.  In addition to the $1 trillion in lifetime earnings DREAM Act beneficiaries are estimated to garner, the bill is clearly a much-needed policy for our national financial health.

In just one minute, you can make huge difference in the political fight to pass the DREAM Act!  Taking action is easy:

  1. Call 1-866-587-3023
  2. Ask for your member of Congress (Not sure who it is? Visit to find out)
  3. Tell him or her to vote ‘yes’ on the DREAM Act!  See sample script below:

“Hi I am a student constituent from [your college] and am calling to ask that Rep._______ vote “yes” on the DREAM Act.

This bill will allow undocumented youth to earn their legal status through either a college education or military service.  Additionally, the DREAM Act strengthens the U.S. economy by cutting the deficit by $1.4 billion and generating over $2 billion in revenue over the next 10 years.”

Can we count on a “yes” vote for the DREAM Act from Rep.________?

Thank you.

Want to do even more? Visit for a list of target legislators whose votes could make the difference between the DREAM Act passing and failing.

Additionally, promotion the DREAM Act through new media:

  • Tweet: I called 1-866-587-3023 and urged my rep to vote YES on the #DREAMact, you should too! 1 minute of your time could secure the 1 vote needed
  • Set your facebook status to: I’m calling my rep & urging [him/her] to vote YES on the DREAM Act – you should too!  Take one minute and call 1-866-587-3023, ask for your member, and tell him or her to vote yes on the DREAM Act!

Since 2001 the dream of a higher education has eluded some of the best and brightest immigrant youth.  You have a chance to make history by joining the movement to finally pass the DREAM Act and move the U.S. one step closer to securing education as a right for all.


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