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Hey People of Color, vote however you like

I think this is important to blog about for several reasons; 1) I can actually reflect on my reading that I had to do for a awesome class I am taking this quarter 2) Elections are coming up and right now student organizers are registering students all across this nation.

If you have worked on voter registration before, especially as a student and person of color, you know that there are more and more people that never get to the polls to vote, or even register. For volunteers and organizers it can be really disheartening to hear students deny this privilege.

In this book I was reading “American Citizenship; the quest for inclusion” by Judith N. Shklar (I was only assigned to read the 25 page intro) she talks about good citizenship and political activities around different times and people groups. I encourage folks to read it when I know if your like me you never have time for casual reading…but anyway the author talks about citizenship really being created and desires socially. Our constitution doesn’t say citizenship until the 14th amendment but people desired it. To be a citizen you earn income and vote, thats what I understand and support from the text. What is interesting is the term citizenship isn’t a identity that is desired “What gave citizenship as standing its historical significance is not that it was denied for so long to so many, but that this exclusion occurred in a republic that was overtly committed to political equality, and whose citizenship believed that theirs was a free and fair society. “(pg. 17) So citizenship in part wasn’t so powerful because people didn’t, and today don’t have it, it’s important because this country we live in claims to build on the invisible lonely culture that is committed to political equality.

I know people today that do not have the right to vote. I also have talk to folks whom I just can not convince to fill out a voter registration card. People of Color! this country didn’t (and in my opinion still doesn’t) accept us as its own. The privilege to vote in this year’s elections aren’t just for a good citizenship. Each vote is to turn out a outcome from something or someone we want in office. We are in control of our voices and votes and this structure although has it’s faults is one that we need to not fall weary to organizing around. We need to make solid the stats of young people we turn out this year, and especially people of color, we need to remember those strikes, marches, deaths, sacrifices, dreams, and fights that happend and are still happening to make sure we can vote.

Stay encouraged organizers and if you haven’t registered to vote and you are in California, hit me up 🙂

Cantstopwontstop! and you know I got your back!



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